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Church Carnival Ideas – Information about the most popular ideas for church carnivals.

Here are 5 of the most popular ideas for church carnivals:

Carnival Games

Everybody loves carnival games. Most church carnivals will have 10 – 20 games.
You typically have three choices:
Rent Carnival Games
Most carnival games will cost between $35 and $65 each to rent.
Buy Carnival Games
Carnival game suppliers charge (on average) over $200 each per game. this is an expensive option.
Build Your Own Carnival Games
This is the most popular option for churches. The games can be built cheaply, and often with simple power tools. Here’s a great resource: How to Build Carnival Games

Face Painting

Most children love to have their face painted. You’ll have to find an artistic member of your church to volunteer for this activity. Please be sure to use paint specifically designed for face painting. Toy and craft stores will often have a good selection of face paints.

Cake Walk

This game is played similar to musical chairs, except the participants walk on numbered squares, and when the music stops, each child will be standing on a number. A number is pulled out of a hat, and the child standing on that number wins a cake.

Sand Art

This activity involves pouring colored sand into small bottles or necklaces. The colored sand and bottles may be obtained from carnival game suppliers or craft stores.

Petting Zoo

Locate a local farm or a professional petting zoo company. Often they’ll charge per hour, or might even work on commission. Also make sure they carry insurance, in case any of the children get bitten by an arrogant goose or an upset rabbit.

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